xCache is More Trouble than it’s Worth

Two servers and a just about every option variation later, I’ve officially given up on xCache.

The first round of problems involved caching config files and forms that needed to be updated all the time. I made exclude rules for those, and eventually it just got too long and became way too tedious to restart apache every time i changed a config file.

Second round of problems involved Apache segfaults. Happened to me twice in 12 hours and cost me a good amount of money as it happened at 5am the second time, and I didn’t log in to check my server until noon (because I was sleeping). 7 hours of downtime across multiple sites that my server hosts, and I’m out some cash because of it, and missed out on some traffic due to a digg’ed post that is currently about to break from upcoming into popular.

I’ve disabled xcache for now, and things seem to be stable again.

Running it, it saved me about .2 average load, and memory usage was about the same at 25% most the time.

I can’t say the site ran faster with it on either.

Maybe i’ll try it again in a later version, but in my opinion, version 1.2.1 is not all it’s cracked up to be.


  1. The same problem with one of our servers. It helps us with high load, but segfault is really a nightmare. This is not about configuration .(

  2. 1.3.0 has been stable for me for the past 2 months. No issues, no seg faults like I was getting with 1.2 (same server by the way). runs nice and fast with a lot of cache, a cdn, and some nice cname’s to share the DNS load 🙂

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