The Fall of CPC Advertising

Announced just a few minuets ago, Google has purchased DoubleClick for $3 Billion and change. (Source: NyTimes)

This is a huge buy in many respects, but the one that effects me as a web publisher the most, is that once again, our options for dealing with providers has been literally cut in half.

As you probably noticed on this page, I run Adsense here and on the majority of my sites. Through hard trial and error, its proven to be the best converting provider for me and my content.

Will buying into the CPM and CPA programs be the fall of the CPC focus? I’ve NEVER made good money or conversion rates with CPA offers and ads. In order to secure my income, i need CPC ads to stay popular, and keep the fresh advertisers coming into the Adwords program. If this new buy takes away from the CPC side of things, I may be in for a global shut down as lord knows I cannot afford to pay a $500 server bill every month out of pocket.

Do you think that Google will start to loose focus on its CPC advertising and start putting more effort into CPA? They have already started this with their referrals and products programs through Adsense, and I think that may have been the stepping stone to move away from CPC.

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