SEO in a world where the “SE” doesn’t “O”

I spend a ton of time working on SEO aspects of sites I work on. I’m also a pre-release team member over at vBSEO, a 3rd party SEO software add-on for vBulletin forums. Today, I question why I do this.

The ‘big daddy’ Google can’t even seem to get their sub domains correct.
all go to the same place.

Both the maps and mail sub domains should 301 re-direct to regular www.

This is an epic duplicate content failure on all accounts. It is possibly the greatest oxy-morons of all time. No one “searches” for Google (ok, maybe a few random’s go to and search for “google” to get there…), so they seem exempt from anything relating to SEO. Yet, their algorithms penalize websites with duplicate access points.

This is not a difficult ‘final tweak’ either. This is an entry level SEO consideration. Moreover, it can have negative effects on the application itself, such as cookies hitting mix-matched domains.

Maybe Matt Cutts will grace us with a reply here 🙂


  1. read somewhere that you’ve been doing wonders being an entrepreneur ??

    good going, how did you manage to exceptionally well Brian?

  2. I wouldn’t say exceptionally well… but I’m doing ok. It’s a tough market out there right now. No one wants to pay good money for quality work it seems. I find myself out bid all the time, only to later be contacted again to clean up someone’s hack job.

    Like anything else, you get what you pay for 🙂

  3. They can do this because they are Google. What we SEO analysts do, we do to please G.

    And the reason all of us try to rank on G rather than on or (despite that fact that G is constantly making it difficult for us with their constant algorithm changes) is that 85% of the poeple use Google…

    So google can have messed up domains.. but we cant

    same is the case with their adsesne domain

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