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Hell must have frozen over sometime in the past month or so. With the newest rendition of the Home Page, the markup actually passes W3 validation for HTML 4.01 transitional. Further noteworthy, is that there are accessibility features in place, such as “Skip to main content” links for CSS disabled browsers.

Unfortunately, there are still a couple dozen CSS errors and there are still a bunch of IE-only filter tags present. Not to mention, the javascript-required flyout menus and hidden div’s that appear onmouseover, or the in-line style attributes. Then, there’s the image maps, the iframes, the inconsistancy of single and double quotes around attributes, camel-case classes and id’s, nested tables, nested tables holding divs that hold lists that don’t even need to be in a table or div at all, and…….

I think you get the point.

While it’s great to see the anti-w3 gods themselves actually produce valid HTML, there’s a still a lot of poorly written code that needs to be addressed. Perhaps the markup was the first step. We shall only wait and see what the next rendition produces.

This gets me thinking though: Perhaps they viewed their site with their new IE7 beta and realized that their site needed to be fixed in order to not fall apart in their new software offering. Or, are we seeing a new side of the company?

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  1. I’ve also just noticed that the site has made the move as well. But, this time they actually went for the XHTML Strict 1.0 doctype. And only 1 table! Nearly pure CSS markup. A big thumbs-up to Microsoft for this one.

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