It’s My Birthday, and I’ll post if I want to :)

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in my parents house on a Win3.1 box with 8 MB of ram that cost 5 grand, on AOL v1.0 playing Minesweeper. The reality of it, is that was merely 10 years ago. Computers have changed so much in these past years, and looking back at myself, I too have changed.

While I’d like to think that I’ve become cheaper to own, easier to operate, and can do more things, I think I’d just be kidding myself. At least on the first two.

It’s fun to check your mail on your birthday. Of course, all my friends didn’t send me anything, but every forum I’ve ever registered at did. Half of them, I didn’t even realize I had an account on. I must’ve gotten 30-40 emails from random sites that I don’t even remember registering at.

Perhaps this is a marketing lesson. Send birthday emails out to everyone who hasn’t logged in in over 6 months 4 times a year. Sure, you’ll get the “hey, its not my birthday” responses, but it will remind them that they have an account there, and maybe re-spark an interest that died or slipped the mind.

Anyway, time to party (yeah right, Its 3am on my b-day morning, and i’m working 🙁 ).
27… damn. I’m old 🙁



  1. Hey Brian,

    happy birthday man, 27 is not old at all. Decided to stop by and register at your site and also wish you a happy birthday.

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