WordPress Permalinks on IIS with ISAPI_Rewrite

I’ve run WordPress here on my CentOS box for nearly 4 years and am quite familiar with the software. Recently, I had a client on a Windows system request a blog be added to their web store. Their webstore is written in ASP and runs on windows. They wanted to stay on the same domain… Continue reading WordPress Permalinks on IIS with ISAPI_Rewrite

Intro to CURL with PHP

CURL is a command-line style function to send data via a URL. WikiPedia has a more detailed article on what it is and does. Preface – your php installation on your server must be CURL-enabled. You can download the CURL package for free. This article assumes your server is ready to go. While CURL is… Continue reading Intro to CURL with PHP

Yahoo Releases YSlow

YSlow is an add-on for the popular FireBug add-on for the popular browser, FireFox. Confused? 😀 It has neat tools to help you to improve your site’s load times, and rates you accordingly. I scored an F on my blog. haha Check it out: YSlow

Scripting Around Poor Table Design

We’ve all seen it. Some 3rd party database you’ve inherited from someone else was simply never designed with scalability and portability in mind. There’s no hope to change it, as it will break the original design and thus the original application that it is supporting.