About SkeyMedia

SkeyMedia is a one-man shop without a shop. Working from his home office, Brian Cummiskey (get it now? :p ) is primarily offering freelance services and short term contracts to clients at this time.

Brian started out his professional IT career in networking and hardware. While waiting for backups to finish, he slowly taught himself some more advanced HTML and ASP. It was all uphill from there.

10 years and a lot of keystrokes later, Brian has worked for or alongside many household names and fortune 500 companies developing their websites, client portals, CRM solutions, and their online stores.

Brian is a highly skilled coder and is proficient with most common web authoring technologies including php, asp, sql, js, ajax/xml/dom scripting, xhtml, css, and has recently started playing with Ruby on Rails.

When he’s not coding, Brian can usually be found absorbing unlawful amounts of caffeine, tinkering with cars, playing guitar, or working on completing an item from his “bucket list”.


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