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vBulletin VS. Invision Power Board

This is quite possibly one of the biggest debates in the pre-sale sections of both official sites, and Before choosing a software, potential customers want to hear from people who use it. The biggest problem is asking which one is better on the respective sites, is like asking the CEO of Coca Cola if he thinks Pepsi is better than Coke.

I have been a long-time IPB user, hosting over 4 large and successful forums on the software. For my latest endeavor, I decided to give vBulletin a try. With that site nearly all set up and nearly ready for its June 1st launch, it’s time for a no holds-barred head to head opinion of the two softwares. This comparison is my point of view after using both latest software releases as of this writing: 2.1.5 for IPB, and 3.5.4 for vB.