xcache Revisited

In an earlier post, I complained about xcache 1.2.1 doing nothing but bad things to my server. I ended up moving to eAccelerator for a while instead. Recently, I moved to some better hardware to handle my ever-increasing traffic, and decided to give xcache another try. Low and behold 1.2.2 is out (and has been for a while it seems).

With the aid of a few plugins, I now have over 500 var caches running in xcache along with many php scripts themselves in the cache. My loads are WAY down (but, most of that can be contributed to the better hard ware) and page load times is MUCH faster.

I like it. And i retract my previous statements about it. Well done.

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7 Responses to xcache Revisited

  1. Nepto says:

    Man, somone has to tell you that – try nginx. And get rid of that big fat indian. Probably, you won’t need that whatever-great-cache-subsystem finally.

  2. brian says:

    Yeah, I realize there’s better solutions besides apache. Problem is that I need cPanel. I’m not great at linux, and cPanel makes my life way easier, even though i realize it’s weight.

  3. Nepto says:

    With cPanel you cannot go into the system and do custom required modifications? In this case it would just one package installation for you. However you would need to alter Apache configuration as well (not sure if you can do this with cPanel).

  4. brian says:

    you can still fully SSH into the box. problem is that cpanel runs on apache and effectively creates itself as its own webserver so that even if apache is dead, cpanel will still run. So, if i need to run apache at all, to me, there’s not much sense in running another webserver software for the websites, which most likely will only cause conflicts (sharing conf files, etc).

    I bought a WAY over kill server for this last upgrade (went from 2gb ram to 8gb, and wasn’t topping out the 2gb hardly ever), so I’ll be ok for a while, even with the extra overhead from apache.

    Pow wow wowo wowow woww


  5. Nepto says:

    OK, I see. Let me know if & when you reach your limits with memory, CPU time, etc. Maybe I would be able to help you then. Good luck with your sites!

  6. clark says:

    I followed the advise here http://www.webtlk.com/2009/01/07/how-to-make-your-blog-faster-with-xcache/

    my blog uses 30% less memory and 59% less cpu now

  7. brian says:

    Using 1.3.0 now. So far, so good! What do you think? It’s running here live as we speak, along with memcached on my server. Pretty quick!

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