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Tips and notes about advertising, publishing ads, running CPA, CPM, CPC and other types of advertising campaigns, both as a publisher and as an advertiser.

Google AdSense to Release new Feature – Manage Ads

Google is releasing a new program shortly that lets you manage your ad units all from within the AdSense portal. It will be rolled out in phases, most likely starting with their top producers and trickling down like most of … Continue reading

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The Fall of CPC Advertising, Part Deux: Yahoo buys Right Media

earlier this month, Google announced its purchase of DoubleClick. Today, the news is out that Yahoo has bought Right Media. The fall of CPC advertising is coming soon. 🙁

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The Fall of CPC Advertising

Announced just a few minuets ago, Google has purchased DoubleClick for $3 Billion and change. (Source: NyTimes) This is a huge buy in many respects, but the one that effects me as a web publisher the most, is that once … Continue reading

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