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Problematic SQL Sorting

Sometimes, all you want to do is a simple ORDER BY, but it just doesn’t work. SQL has some quirks when trying to sort “text” numbers, especially when they are decimal numbers. Consider the following Database table, myTable: Code varchar(5) … Continue reading

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Is it Time to Abandon 800×600?

Yesterday, May 15th 2006, Yahoo! Inc. released a link in their blog to a preview page of their new layout which perhaps may set the standard in pushing away from developing for 800×600 resolution. It will not fit without horizontal … Continue reading

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Hell must have frozen over sometime in the past month or so. With the newest rendition of the Home Page, the markup actually passes W3 validation for HTML 4.01 transitional. Further noteworthy, is that there are accessibility features in … Continue reading

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vBulletin VS. Invision Power Board

This is quite possibly one of the biggest debates in the pre-sale sections of both official sites, and Before choosing a software, potential customers want to hear from people who use it. The biggest problem is asking which … Continue reading

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Classic ASP and AJAX

There aren’t many tutorials on the web for Classic ASP and AJAX interfaces. Classic ASP is just about fazed out at most companies, but there are still plenty of legacy applications that use it. There is a lot of confusion … Continue reading

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