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Yahoo Releases YSlow

YSlow is an add-on for the popular FireBug add-on for the popular browser, FireFox. Confused? 😀 It has neat tools to help you to improve your site’s load times, and rates you accordingly. I scored an F on my blog. … Continue reading

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Getting a Global Array to work in a Function

I recently spent a lot of time debugging this code i was working on for what I thought would be a simple onchange event. The Issue: I have sizes and colors, but not all sizes are available in all colors, … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday, and I’ll post if I want to :)

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in my parents house on a Win3.1 box with 8 MB of ram that cost 5 grand, on AOL v1.0 playing Minesweeper. The reality of it, is that was merely 10 … Continue reading

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The Fall of CPC Advertising, Part Deux: Yahoo buys Right Media

earlier this month, Google announced its purchase of DoubleClick. Today, the news is out that Yahoo has bought Right Media. The fall of CPC advertising is coming soon. 🙁

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The Fall of CPC Advertising

Announced just a few minuets ago, Google has purchased DoubleClick for $3 Billion and change. (Source: NyTimes) This is a huge buy in many respects, but the one that effects me as a web publisher the most, is that once … Continue reading

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Scripting Around Poor Table Design

We’ve all seen it. Some 3rd party database you’ve inherited from someone else was simply never designed with scalability and portability in mind. There’s no hope to change it, as it will break the original design and thus the original … Continue reading

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Quick SQL Date Functions and Queries

It’s easy to grab the date from a field in a database so long as you saved a timestamp field along with your data row. However, there are often times in developing stored procedures and advanced queries where one needs … Continue reading

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RFC-32 Date Formatting with Classic ASP

Tonight I was working on an RSS package for a client of mine. Having dealt with RSS feeds in the past, I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, my experience with them has always been on the ‘receiving’ … Continue reading

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Lightbox and WordPress- The Easy Way

I recently wrote an article on on how to better utilize the Lightbox functions within a WordPress blog. No more manually typing rel=”lightbox” attributes! read more | digg story

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Getting Loopy – Nested Javascript Loops

Complex loops with Javascript can get tricky. Double-nested loops, dynamic field names, and all kinds of other things can leave a programmers head spinning. Let’s get Loopy and tackle this in a nice programatical manner. Recently presented with a form … Continue reading

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