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Rand() isn’t Random

If you use Microsoft SQL 2000, you’ve probably at one point had to pull random results. The built in rand() function simply doesn’t work. It gives you a random value the first time, and every time after it is the … Continue reading

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New Toy for the Office

Christmas is coming, and so is the end of the year. I need to spend some money on my business so i don’t get taxed to hell like I did last year. So, I upgraded my office computer. I’m currently … Continue reading

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Getting the Big “Oops” from a Server

I had some minor problems with xCache recently that ended up causing segfaults in my apache install. I had left my SSH putty session open last night and didn’t check my laptop before I trecked into the office this morning … Continue reading

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xCache is More Trouble than it’s Worth

Two servers and a just about every option variation later, I’ve officially given up on xCache. The first round of problems involved caching config files and forms that needed to be updated all the time. I made exclude rules for … Continue reading

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Restart Windows via Remote Desktop

Ever try to restart a machine via remote desktop? I just ran into it for the first time tonight. I generally deal with linux servers and don’t ever RDP into them. Tonight, I needed to reboot a windows server. No … Continue reading

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Intro to CURL with PHP

CURL is a command-line style function to send data via a URL. WikiPedia has a more detailed article on what it is and does. Preface – your php installation on your server must be CURL-enabled. You can download the CURL … Continue reading

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Invision Power vs. vBulletin re-visited

It’s been a year and a half since I first left my impressions on the two systems. My original post received a lot of negative responses from both communities. I was called an IPB fanboy at, and I was … Continue reading

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Google AdSense to Release new Feature – Manage Ads

Google is releasing a new program shortly that lets you manage your ad units all from within the AdSense portal. It will be rolled out in phases, most likely starting with their top producers and trickling down like most of … Continue reading

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How to View Apache error logs

If you’re new to running your own server, sometimes just finding things is the hardest thing to do. I spent a good 15 min trying to find mine, so here’s some info to help you. Your system may vary. All … Continue reading

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